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Страна: Египет
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Дата публикации: 12-12-2017
Источник: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
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Coastal Engineering Consultant
Procurement Process : Other
Office : UNDP Country Office - EGYPT
Deadline : 24-Dec-17
Posted on : 12-Dec-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 43142
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00057676 - Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta
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Term of Reference

Review and optimization of the design of the soft protection options to protect the Nile Delta against Sea Level Rise (SLR)


The dominant feature of Egypt’s Northern Coastal Zone is the low lying delta of the River Nile, with its large cities, industry, agriculture and tourism. The Delta and the narrow valley of the Nile comprise 5.5% of the total area of Egypt. Over 25% of its people live in the Low Elevation Coastal Zone (LECZ) areas. Due to the concentration of much of Egypt’s infrastructure and development along the low coastal lands and the reliance on the Nile delta for prime agricultural land, coastal inundation or saline intrusion caused by anthropogenic climate changes (CC) and induced sea-level rise (SLR) will have a direct and critical impact on Egypt’s entire economy. In addition to the current trends, Egypt’s Mediterranean coast and the Nile Delta have been identified as highly vulnerable to climate change induced Sea Level Rise (SLR).

The Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta through Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ACCNDP) is UNDP/GEF’s project. The implementing partners, on behalf of the Egyptian Government, are the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) and the National Water Research Center (NWRC). The project aims to enhance Egypt’s resilience and reduce vulnerability to Climate Change impacts including Sea Level Rise (SLR). For more information please go to:

Objective and Scope of Work:

The objective of the consultancy is review and optimize the design of the soft protection options to protect the Nile Delta against Sea Level Rise (SLR) which includes but not limited to the options that have been piloted under the ACCNDP. To achieve this, the ACCNDP needs to recruit an individual consultant to undertake the following Tasks:

  • Review and optimize the design of the soft protection options that were piloted within the ACCNDP project, such as but not limited to, dikes and sand nourishment.
  • Recommend other appropriate soft structure options to protect low land areas in the Delta or combinations of soft and hard structures.
  • Provide conceptual designs of the optimized and recommended soft protection options.

Duties and Responsibilities

The study will focus on the Nile Delta with a focus on the hot spots identified in in Kafr El-Shiekh , Port Said , Behira ,Damietta and Dakahlia governorates. The consultant is expected to follow a participatory and consultative approach ensuring close engagement with government counterparts, in particular:

  • Shore Protection Authority - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
  • Coastal Research Institute – National Water Research Center
  • Other relevant organizations.

It is anticipated that the study will be carried out at the consultant’s home country with one visit to Egypt.





A visit to Egypt


Draft Final Report


Final Report

Level of Effort:

It is expected that the individual consultant shall provide a total of 8 working days which includes one trip to Egypt.

Required Skills and Experience

  • A Bachelor degree or higher in Coastal Engineering/science with a specialization in environment, coastal protection works, climate change or any other closely related field.
  • At least 10 years’ experience with a proven working history in similar tasks and proven working experience on projects of a similar nature.
  • Familiar with the coastal zone sector in Egypt is an asset
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

Application: Interested individual consultant should send their CVs with a financial offer to undertake the above tasks and provide the deliverables by email to:

Deadline: 24 December 2017